Medical Fee Schedules


Medical fee schedules specify the maximum allowable amounts to reimburse for medical services covered by workers compensation insurance

Important Readings:

WCRI study analyzing impact of fee schedules in 22 states

NCCI: Making WC Fee Schedules More Effective

NCCI: Effectiveness of WC Fee Schedules - A Closer Look

NCCI: The Impact on Physician Reimbursement of Changes to WC Medical Fee Schedules

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Key Presentations:

2013 NCCI Annual Issues Symposium - Price Impact of Workers Compensation Physician Fee Schedules: Preliminary Results

2013 RPM Seminar -Full Session on Fee Schedules

2012 CAS Spring Meeting -Session Partially on Fee Schedules

2011 RPM Seminar - Medical Fee Schedules and Their Impact on WC Costs

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