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This page is intended to address the impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2009 ("PPACA") on property and casualty coverages. PPACA enacts a series of health insurance reforms effective between 2010 and 2014. The most notable early reforms include elimination of lifetime and annual dollar limits, the extension of coverage for dependents through age 26, and the elimination of cost sharing for preventative services.

Important Readings:

Provides a brief history of health care reforms in the United States since the 20th century and examines whether prior health care reforms had any impact on medical malpractice. Discusses the Affordable Care Act ("ACA") and attempts to determine whether the ACA and/or other factors could have any impact on medical malpractice.

A summary of Health Care Reform and health system dynamics. Discussion on potential property/casualty implications, specifically those for workers' compensation and medical professional liability.

This PIAA published document contains Enactments of Health Care Liability Reforms by state. Specifically, it has information for each state regarding: 1) Limits on damages for pain and suffering, 2) Limits on contingent attorney fees, 3) Reform of collateral source rule, 4) Periodic payment of future damages, and 5) Statute of Limitations.

This paper by the Rand Corporation identifies several mechanisms by which that ACA will affect liability costs and provides a detailed analysis of the percentage impact of five mechanisms. It arrives at percentage estimates by line and state. The discussion focuses on auto liability, workers compensation, and medical professional liability.

  • Evolving Healthcare Landscape Requires Insurance Solutions Not Just Insurance Products, IronShore Health (late 2011): (need source - contact Matt Dolan)

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From Kaiser Family Foundation:
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From the American Academy of Actuaries:
Health Practice Council - Healthcare Reform and ACA Implementation

Casualty Actuarial Society Presentations:

The Impact of Health Care Reform, CAS Annual Meeting (November 2013)

A Property/Casualty Practitioner's Guide to Health Care Reform, RPM Seminar (March 2013)

Health Care Reform: Implications for Hospital and Physician Medical Malpractice, CARe Seminar (June 2011)

Health Care Reform Overview, SCCAC Annual Meeting (June 2011)

Impact of Health Care Reform on Medical Malpractice and Workers Compensation, RPM Seminar (March 2011)
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Impact of the Healthcare Reform on Medical Professional Liability Insurance, Casualty Actuarial Society Seminar on Reinsurance (June 2010)
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The Impact of Health Care Reform on the Medical Professional Liability Market, MAF Fall Meeting (Sept 2011)

Healthcare Industry Issues affecting both SOA and CAS Actuaries, CAS Annual Meeting (Nov 2008)

Other Key Presentations:

From the PLUS Southwest Chapter:
The PPACA Systemic and Traditional Risk to the Professional Liability Industry (April 2012) -Presentation

What Every Actuary Should Know about the Affordable Care Act, American Academy of Actuaries (February 2012)

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